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Activities/What we do

Sunshine Diffs offers:

  • 9 inch Diff Conversion & Repair
  • Diff. Repair & Change Over.
  • Industrial Machine Diff. Repair
  • Axles Shortening & Re-Splining
  • Drive Shaft Repair & Change Over
  • Tail Shaft Balancing, Modification

Other Activities:
Minor Sevice,Dealership Handbook:

  1. Stamp Warranty Booklet
  2. Replace Engine Oil and Oil Filter
  3. Lubricate Propeller Shaft
  4. Tighten Drive Shaft
  5. Carry out the following inspections;
    • Drive Belts, Cooling systems, Hoses ect.
    • Battery
    • Brake pads/discs
    • Brake fluid
    • Clutch fluid
    • Power steering fluid
    • Drive shaft boots
    • Lights, Horns, Wipers, Washers
Sunshine Differentials specializes in the repair and modification of differentials. We offer affordable prices and quality service. Experienced staff are able to cater for customers needs always striving to provide the best. We pick up and deliver. Discounts are given to the trade and pensioners.
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